The Scoop on the SuperFlow SF-902 Engine Dyno with WynDyn Software

When choosing one of the dynamometers for all varieties and levels of engines, the Superflow SF-902 Engine Dyno is it. The SF-902 is one of the most versatile engine dynamometer systems, and it features a unique cart and super-fast electronics package.

The Super Flow’s Xconsole classic enables data acquisition capabilities and excellent control. The system’s CAT5 computer cables enable internal system communications. The meters and gauges can be removed and replaced from the side of the front panel. On the Xconsole Classic, there is no wiring, joins, or connectors. According to your needs, the Xconsole Classic configurations include a combination of various gauges. The live data are shown on the systems’ large LCD screens, while the panel meters indicate the data, for instance, the speed, power, torque, and many other crucial data.

The system’s WynDyn software brings straightforward test design and configuration, real-time data acquisition, and displays. Further, it provides test data management display and reporting. The SF-902 dynamometer is configured similarly to the SuperFlow SF-901, and it is a roll around the engine stand or through another way, you can set it up with docking carts.

To measure the power characteristic of your engine, use the SuperFlow SF-902. This system will let you know how much power and the power in the speed range. For performing research and development purposes, you can evaluate the data generated by the system and then make needed modifications. Data includes fluid and air temperatures and weather data, including a density altitude reading for the current test conditions. The system can monitor over 70 channels at the same time.

In the case of the race engine, it is critical to confirm it is right in each of its functionalities before moving to run on the race day. Be diligent about results and develop on the dyno, then race on the track. No matter the engine’s purpose, you can use the dyno to ensure it performs at its best.

You can ensure that your race engine is correct when you test with Westech Performance Group’s SuperFlow SF-902 before it runs on race day. Develop on the dyno, race at the track. You can use the dyno to perform a quality audit, whatever the engine’s purpose. You can ensure that your race engine does what it’s intended to do. Measure the results of your modifications. And prove that you have gained the engine you meant to build.

Superflow SF-902 enables:

  • Operator console enables everything at your fingertips
  • Recent data acquisition and control system is more efficient
  • Absorber works over a wide range of engine speeds and outputs, offering precise control over any acceleration rate