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AutoDyn Chassis Dyno

SUPERFLOW AutoDyn Chassis Dyno

Run standard inertia tests like a DynoJet or......

Run fully loaded power tests with dual eddy current power absorbers that allow you to ......

Run tests under operator or computer controlled load based on vehicle weight and parasitic losses

Test at varying rates of acceleration, steady speeds and at full or part throttle. Autodyn loads your vehicle the way it operates on the road so you get real world information about how your car operates under all driving conditions.

Test at controlled rates of acceleration for greater data resolution

Full Lambda support for wide band air fuel ratio data logging

Perform step tests to precisely measure power at different engine or vehicle



Data log multiple channels including oil temperatures, air flow, vacuum, fuel flow, exhaust gas temperatures and so on

Calibrate carburetor, ignition and EFI systems under load (call for details)

Evaluate exhaust systems, gear rations, lubricants and any number of add-on high performance components

Quantify tire, clutch or torque converter slippage

1000 Horsepower-plus and 200 mph rated

SuperFlow data is measured by a laboratory grade strain gauge that is precisely calibrated. Load controlled testing with a strain gauge is the most reliable and accurate method to generate good, repeatable data.

Independent source for product development and evaluation