About Us

Westech Performance Group - "The Dyno Center"

Our enhanced SuperFlow engine dyno and controlled test cell are specifically equipped to handle the test requirements of all types of engines from single four-barrel small block Chevys to blown or turbo charged big blocks, Pro Stock engines, supercharged marine engines and all types of modern fuel injected engines. We can test Chevys, Fords, Chryslers, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles and most anything else, including four and six cylinder engines using the appropriate adapter. We monitor all important engine parameters including air flow, air fuel ratio, exhaust gas temperatures, fuel flow, BSFC, spark curves with adjustable individual cylinder timing and more.

We also give you all fluid and air temperatures and weather data including a density altitude reading for the current test conditions. We can monitor over 70 channels at once. Our test cell features minimal pressure drop with superb airflow through the room. And its extra size allows us to run complete vehicle exhaust systems for almost any car, truck boat or race car. Find all the hidden power in your engine combination and tune it for maximum effectiveness. Learn what works and what doesn't work before you waste valuable racing time to tune your engine at the track. Don't forget the paint job that you will spare from dents and dings during testing. Test where the performance magazines test and get the kind of results they demand!