Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance Via a Custom Exhaust System

Improve Your Vehicle's Performance Via a Custom Exhaust System by Westech Performanc Group

If you change the exhaust system in your car, you may notice an increase in the power it produces or the performance it delivers. You must choose components that function together or have an exhaust company create the exhaust for you. The parts you select have the potential to boost the performance of your engine; nevertheless, you must choose parts that work together.

High-Flow Manifolds and Headers  

The exhaust manifolds, also known as headers, are the initial component of the exhaust system and are attached to the cylinder heads. After leaving the cylinder heads, the wasted gasses from the engine pass through the intake and exhaust manifolds before entering the exhaust system.

If you replace the factory cast manifolds with tubular headers with a wider diameter and gently smooth bends, your system will benefit from this change. Because titles allow for more significant scavenging of the exhaust gasses, the engine can create more power by allowing more air and fuel to travel through it. This will enable the gasses to pass through the system without being obstructed.

Catalytic Converters with Superior Performance

Some regular catalytic converters are known to be somewhat restrictive, which is why some individuals choose to remove them from their performance vehicles. However, from a legal standpoint, they need to be in place. However, several firms manufacture performance catalytic converters. These converters have a higher flow rate and a lower restriction, so they not only adhere to legal standards but also improve performance.

Even though the vehicle may only have a single catalytic converter installed, you will need to install one on each pipe if you convert it to a dual exhaust system. The legislation stipulates that each side of the split exhaust must be equipped with a catalytic converter and a muffler if the exhaust is divided.

High-Performance Suppressors and Mufflers

In addition, mufflers are an essential component of your vehicle’s exhaust system. The muffler’s job is to reduce the sound of the exhaust while at the same time allowing the exhaust gasses to go through the system with as little resistance as possible. For the engine to function correctly, it requires a certain amount of back pressure supplied by the mufflers. However, adjusting the timing and the fuel-air ratio may significantly reduce this back pressure.

If you are considering installing an unusually high-flow system, you should discuss with your technician whether the engine will need to be tuned to work with the new exhaust to get the most out of the new system. Most exhaust shops can assist you in selecting the exhaust system that will provide the greatest benefit without requiring significant modifications to your vehicle. But before you have any exhaust work done on your car, you should discuss your performance goals with the technician working on the exhaust system.

Large Diameter High-Flow Exhaust Pipes

One of the most critical aspects of the system is the collection of exhaust pipes throughout it. The passage of exhaust gasses from the engine to the tailpipe must be clean and unobstructed for the system to function correctly and achieve the desired results. If you replace the mufflers and catalytic converters with high-flow components but retain the lines of the same size, you won’t see much of an increase in power.

Larger exhaust pipes may transport more exhaust through the system, keep up with the flow from the headers, and boost the performance benefit you get from those mufflers and catalytic converters. This is because larger exhaust pipes can carry more exhaust.

Mandrel-Bent Exhaust Pipes

Mandrel-bent exhaust pipes will generate curves and bends that are smoother than those produced by regular lines. This will allow the exhaust to flow through the system more quickly. The corners of traditional exhaust pipes sometimes have certain constraints, which can lead to turbulence within the line and slow down the flow of exhaust gas throughout the system.

Visit a custom muffler shop in your area to discuss the available choices if you are thinking of increasing the exhaust system’s performance in your car or truck. They will be able to guide you through selecting the appropriate components for your system or constructing a bespoke exhaust for your vehicle or truck, which will assist you in extracting a higher level of performance from your engine.